Tabriz blue mosque history

images tabriz blue mosque history

Patterns are rendered in subtle colors with extensive use of cobalt blue as a ground for inscriptions and arabesque designs in gold and white. The mausoleum was built in the southern section of the mosque and is entirely covered with high marble slabs on which verses from Quran are engraved in Thuluth script on a background of fine arabesques. This museum is the one of the most momentous museums of Iran which is located next to Blue mosque. In the severe earthquake of the year Blue Mosque was severely damaged. The southern part of the mosque functions as the graveyard which used to be the resting place of Jahanshah and his family.

  • The Blue Mosque in Tabriz, a masterpiece from centuries ago Eavar travel
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  • The Blue mosque of Tabriz was built upon the order of Jahan Shah, toppled by Uzun Hassan of the Ak Koyunlu, and Tabriz was taken. Read on to discover the story behind Iran’s famous Blue Mosque.​ In the Azeri Turkish-speaking city of Tabriz, in the northwestern province of East Azerbaijan, is the historic Blue Mosque, also known as Goy Masjed in Azeri or Masjed Kabood (literally “dark blue/bruised mosque. As a historical city, there are a number of must-see monuments in the city of Tabriz.

    One of these grand structures is the Blue Mosque in Tabriz.
    Remnants of Luster tiles on the pishtaq columns are also an stellar feature of the Blue Mosque, as they were not widely used in the 15 th century. The plan, unique in Iran, is comprised of a central square chamber covered by a dome and framed on three sides by a continuous arcade of nine domed bays.

    The Blue Mosque in Tabriz, a masterpiece from centuries ago Eavar travel

    What more could you ask for? The Jame' Mosque of Saveh is one of the valuable relics of the Saljuqi period. Text Architecture1st ed.

    images tabriz blue mosque history
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    The unique layout of the Read more….

    Elements of Persian Architecture.

    images tabriz blue mosque history

    Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque Isfahan. European travelogues. Tabriz authorities ordered the repair of the blue mosque in in order to protect the last vestiges.

    Aqa-Bozorg Mosque or Madrese-ye AghaBozorg is an ancient structure with four porches and a beautiful dome and two tile worked minarets. Vakil Mosque.

    The Blue Mosque of Tabriz surprises you with its incredible Timurid architecture.

    Make sure you learn about this monument and visit it. TABRIZ. x. Monuments.

    images tabriz blue mosque history

    x(1). Blue Mosque. The Blue Mosque (Pers. Masjed-e kabud), also known as Masjed-e Moẓaffariya, was built during. Year of construction Blue Mosque in Tabriz: Historical period Blue Mosque in Tabriz: Kara Koyunlu era Attraction category: Cultural Attractions Attraction.
    The mosque is closed on national holidays religious mourning days.

    Blue Mosque Tabriz Piranoos

    No remains have been recovered from the several smaller dome chambers surrounding this area. Nowadays only a few gilded tiles are still on site within the mausoleum, but between the 17th and 19th centuries European travelers Tavernier, p. The architecture of the Kabud mosque is considered unique by the tiles laid according to a geometric pattern and they are what make the blue mosque different from other mosques.

    Already in the 17th century, the Blue Mosque was completely destroyed and abandoned, and in the 19th century the people of Tabriz plundered its ruins Dieulafoy.

    The magnificent works of mosaic, calligraphy and various patterns are dazzled with the turquoise color of the mosque that has an impressive reflection.

    Tabriz Blue Mosque

    On three sides of the main chamber are further vaulted rooms.

    images tabriz blue mosque history
    Blue Mosque of Tabriz Blue mosque was once one of the masterpieces of art and architecture in post-Islamic era.

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    images tabriz blue mosque history

    In Central Iran, relief panels Aube, pp. Blue Mosque of Tabriz. The Cobalt blue used in the Blue Mosque stands out from the typical turquoise blue of Timurid Architecture. But the unique architecture of the Blue Mosque is not limited to its beauty.

    Once the mosque was built, artists took a further 25 years to cover every surface with the blue majolica tiles and intricate calligraphy for which it was nicknamed.

    Iran has so many mosques displaying the ancient Persian art and architecture. One of the historical and important mosques of Iran is Blue Mosque. It is a rare.

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    History of Tabriz Blue Mosque During Qara Qoyunlu Dynasty () the idea of building Blue Mosque was emerged upon the order of.
    Photo by Alan-Cordova on flicker.

    It's construction was completed in AD. The mosaic tiles show a wide range of chromatic shades mainly in cobalt blue, gray, light green decorated with floral and vegetal patterns. The architect of the mosque has made it fully compatible with the climate of Tabriz and can be used in every season of the year.

    The central great dome h. A stone foundation supports a structure of fired bricks see BRICKwhich is completely covered with tiles and decorated fired brick panels. Architecture of the Blue Mosque of Tabriz The architecture of the Kabud mosque is considered unique by the tiles laid according to a geometric pattern and they are what make the blue mosque different from other mosques.

    images tabriz blue mosque history
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    The main entrance leads to the antechamber which makes the center of a corridor surrounding the central dome chamber on three sides, with its two arms leading to the two mihrabs on the south side of the building. This rather original plan may be a result of local adaptation to cope with the colder, harsher climate of Azerbaijan.

    Under visitors’ eyes Blue Mosque in Tabriz Tehran Times

    Apart from its exclusive construction and history, deliberately windows positioned for brightening the interior part and permitting photography fans to enjoy and create masterpieces with shadow and light, which all together make the Blue Mosque an obligation during your visit to Tabriz.

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    In this park there is the statue of the famous Iranian poet Khagani.